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Leader foresight and strategic thinking capabilities in Australian rural industries.
[University of Southern Queensland ethics approval: 18REA014]

Leadership development within Australian rural industries continues to be the focus of considerable investment. This makes sense especially in a world that is typified by constant change, threats and opportunities in domestic market conditions and amongst its regional neighbors. It is critical that each agricultural sector have leaders who are confident in dealing with change and the potential of the future. Key identified leadership capabilities amongst future leaders that enable this include foresight and strategic thinking.  Do current leadership development programs develop these capabilities and to what extent?

Rural research and development corporations (RDCs) as part of their work with the agriculture sectors they represent, provide opportunities to develop leaders.  This study seeks to benchmark and investigate the foresight and strategic thinking profiles of leaders working across the Australian agriculture sectors represented by the seafood, diary, cotton and horticulture RDCs while assessing the impact of current leadership development initiatives.

The aims of this study include:

1) Identifying a rural RDC foresight and strategic thinking baseline profiles.
2) Identifying the relationship between the demographics of age, industry experience and education and foresight and strategic thinking capabilities.
3) A clear analysis of program, practice and outcomes of leadership development performance across rural RDCs.
4) Identify the gaps between Aims 1 and 3 and the implications for rural RDCs.
5) To contribute to the development of existing and future agriculture primary industry leaders.

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